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Meet the owners

Born and raised in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, We try to bring southern hospitality and manners to the hectic pace of the bustling city of Houston. Sir and Ma'am are standard with the occasional "Howdy!" here and there.

With the love and support of my amazing big brother Chris, this guy:

The Crew

we recently purchased a jewel of a store from Mr. Eddie H. Lopez. Located near the Galleria on Westheimer and Fountain View, this little store holds a great history of excellent customer service.

I am so honored that Mr. Lopez allowed me the opportunity to continue his legacy. He wanted to make sure his beloved clientele continued to receive personal service and high quality eyewear.

I graduated early from Fredericksburg High School and started selling glasses when I was 17, while attending college. Very quickly I found the love and obsession of helping people experience the world clearly, the way it was meant to be. The love of my work lead me to learn all about the industry. Lab work and lens edging is so much fun! When I graduate from Northwood University, with my double bachelor's in Marketing and Management, at age 20 I was managing one of the busiest corporately run opticals in Dallas. I moved into private practice in 2009, went back to school to study biology and learned the clinical side of the business. In 2014 I was blessed with the opportunity to starting a consulting company. In the past two years I've had the privilege to helped doctors achieve the level of patient care we should all be striving for. Now it's my chance to do that for you, as the owner of my own store! For more on our story, read our interview with Voyage Houston Magazine.

Company Profile

In the evenings, you may happen to see Michael. I claim him from time to time. We've been together for a few years now and he is always interested in helping out with the business. Michael likes to refer to himself as a "Not ready for prime-time player." Which means he's learning the industry but it's not his full-time gig.

You might find him answering the phone or manning the front of the house while I work on a pair of glasses in the back. He might not have all the answers if you have questions, but he knows a little about a lot of topics and is more than happy to chat with you.

Vogue Optical


Founded: 1980

Owner: Staci Webb

Purchased From Eddie H. Lopez 2016

We are independent opticians, which means there is not a doctor onsite. Prescriptions are welcome from your doctor of choice. Vogue Optical offers the highest quality optics available in the industry with unrivaled service. We are young professionals that strive for the best and get the job done. 

We do like a good joke, so share 'em if you got 'em. Staci is actually the biggest football fan of the bunch, so sports talk is never off the table. We are human so there is usually coffee fueling our passion. Humor and sarcasm abounds. We're the kind of different this world needs

​“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision.”

― Helen Keller

Hi, I'm Staci!